Do not miss the two amazing SIP Electives starting nest week!!

Fixed Income is taught by Mike Trovato a UCSB Alumni with an amazing career in Finance.

Basic Personal Financial Literacy and Planning is a new elective being taught for the first time by Keith McWilliams.

Don’t miss these great classes!!

ECON X499.16 Fixed Income
TypeDateTimeLocationMax SeatsInstructor
ElectiveMon Apr 103:30-6:30NH 111060Trovato
ElectiveWed April 123:30-6:30NH 111060Trovato
ECON X499.21 Basic Personal Financial Literacy and Planning
TypeDateTimeLocationMax SeatsInstructor
ElectiveFri Apr 141:30-3:30NH 111060Grover/McWilliams
ElectiveFri April 211:30-2:30zoom60Grover/McWilliams
ElectiveFri April 281:30-3:00Nh 111060Grover/McWilliams
ElectiveFri May 51:30-2:30zoom60Grover/McWilliams
ElectiveFri May 121:30-3:30Nh 111060Grover/McWilliams