Winter Meet the Firms!!

Winter Meet the Firms 2021 Registration is now LIVE! This event will take place on Friday, January 29th from 3 to 6 pm over Zoom. Please read the rest of this email carefully before registering for the event.

Winter Meet the Firms is the second-largest recruiting event that UAS organizes during the year, the first being Fall Meet the Firms. We host representatives from the Big Four, mid-size, regional, and local firms. Firms in attendance are generally seeking to find first-year and second-year students interested in Freshman Programs or Summer Leadership Programs (SLPs), but all students are welcome to attend.

This event is one of the most important events to attend if you are an underclassman, as it helps with obtaining an internship in later years. Meet the Firms allows students and professionals to mingle together and for each party to gain a sense of familiarity with one another. It is crucial to get face time and meaningful conversations with as many professionals as you can.

Please follow these three steps to fully register for the Winter Meet the Firms:

Step 1:Register for our 2020-21 membershiphere if you haven’t already.  

Step 2:Generate a link to your resume. Instructions can be found here. Please note that you are required to submit your resume as a link to our Resume Book when you register on Eventbrite. The Resume Book will be given to all the firms in case they want to learn more about you or contact you before or after the event (although we recommend you reach out to the firms first!). If you attended the Gauntlet, we recommend you take your time to make edits that the firms suggested, and then submit your resume. Requests to update your resume link will not be accepted.

Step 3: Register for the Winter Meet the Firms on Eventbrite here. This is where you will submit your resume link. We do not limit how many students can attend, so you can register anytime from now until Wed, Jan 27th at 11:59 pm.

Contest Announcement:
Join our Meet the Firms contest and win a $20 Amazon gift card! Take screenshots of the breakout rooms that you visit (one screenshot per firm) and tell us which firms you visited; the top 5 students who visit the most firms will win a $20 gift card. More details about the contest are coming soon, so stay tuned!

You can find more information about our event on our website (especially here) as well as on our social media and Eventbrite. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.


Isha Shah | Director of CommunicationsUndergraduate Accounting Society of UC Santa Barbara

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