Interested in Local Government and Administration? San Francisco Fellows Applications Now Open!

The mission of the San Francisco Fellows program is to foster community stewardship by preparing recent college graduates for roles in public service and administration. 

The Fellows program is a unique opportunity to work and learn about public administration in local government while working full time as a City employee.  Fellows work on various programs and projects that have a direct impact on City operations which spans a broad range of City functions and departments, involving analysis, planning, and program development. 

In addition to gaining valuable full-time professional work experience and skills such as leadership, communication, technical skills and other professional development, the cohort experience includes weekly learning sessions built into the Fellows’ work schedule to provide a well-rounded, thorough introduction to San Francisco government operations, policies and strategies. 

Competitively selected applicants will join a cohort of up to 18 Fellows for an 11.5-month full-time work experience as City employees. Fellows will earn an annualized salary of approximately $57,000, plus health, dental, retirement and other benefits. 

The application site is available here: San Francisco Fellows Program 2020-2021 Application