Womxn/Hacks 2020 Registration is open!

Womxn/Hacks is a 36-hour all-female-identifying hackathon hosted at UC Santa Barbara. Our mission is to diversify the field of computer science by giving womxn of all backgrounds and fields the opportunity to delve into coding within a supportive and inclusive environment.

Website: womxnhacks.com
Email: womxnhacks@gmail.comRegistration form: womxnhacks.com/register
Facebook: facebook.com/womxnhacks

When and where is Womxn/Hacks?
January 17 – 19, at the UCSB Student Resource Building (SRB).

Who can apply? And how can you apply?
Womxn/Hacks is an inclusive space for those who are female-identifying and non-binary; however, hackers of any gender identity are welcome to apply

When are applications due?
December 13, but priority goes to earlier applicants.

Do I need to know how to code or be a CS major?
Not at all! Womxn/Hacks welcomes all skill levels and majors. We’ll have workshops and personal mentors to help you.

How much does it cost?
Nothing! You’ll be provided with food and swag during the entire three days.