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Economics-related Positions

Hamilton Place Strategies (Washington, DC) is in the process of recruiting associates and analysts. The link to the application is here on our website and the deadline is 11pm ET on September 30. There is a list of FAQs here.

Lastly, we have two info sessions coming up. One is this upcoming Wednesday 9/19 and the second is next Wednesday 9/26. Please urge any interested students to join!
Email, if you have questions.


Liberty Mutual

From a recent graduate:

“I’m a UCSB alum from 2017, and I currently work in Seattle for Liberty Mutual Insurance as a Product Analyst. You start in a one year rotational program called the Analyst Development Program (ADP), which consists of 3 months of (paid) training, and then three 3-month rotations in which you work on a different team each time. At the end of the year, you’re placed permanently in a team. The role is similar to an internal consultant; we analyze data qualitatively and quantitatively, put together decks, present them to directors and other team leaders, and do it all again. The work is analytical, strategic, and can be technical if you tell managers that you like coding.

We’re currently hiring for both Boston and Seattle, at the full-time and internship levels. I’d love for the postings to be shared throughout UCSB so we can get more alumni out here because it’s a great opportunity working in a high-exposure environment for a fortune 100 company!”

Seattle – Full Time

Boston – Full Time

Seattle – Internship

Boston – Internship

Email, a 2017 UCSB alum, with questions.


Economics & Accounting-related Positions

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center is currently advertising vacancy announcements for Pathways Intern positions for Engineering, Technical, and Business majors from September 17, 2018 through September 24, 2018. The following internships are all at Goddard Space Flight Center, National Aeronautics and Space Administration in Greenbelt, Maryland.

Student Trainee (Accounting & Budget) – NASA Pathways Intern

  • Starting at $33,172 (GS 4-11)
  • Internships • Multiple Schedules

Student Trainee (Procurement) – NASA Pathways Intern

  • Starting at $33,172 (GS 4-9)
  • Internships • Multiple Schedules

Student Trainee (Administrative)- NASA Pathways Intern NTE

  • Starting at $33,172 (GS 4-6)
  • Not-To-Exceed One Year • Multiple Schedules


ABC-CLIO has a part time, 25 hour per week position open that would be ideal for a junior or senior who is studying accounting and wants real world experience.  We offer a flexible schedule so can work around classes.  This is a regular part time position, meaning that it is a steady 25 hours per week and the hours are still needed during school breaks and summer.  The successful candidate would have to be available through those times to complete their expected hours, and willing to stay in Santa Barbara during the summer to work part time.  We do close during the week of Christmas to New Year’s and that is actually a paid holiday week at ABC-CLIO. Moving soon to a new building 1 mile away from campus.