CA Dept of Finance looking for Finance Budget Analysts

Dear  Colleagues,

The Department of Finance (Finance) is now accepting applications through July 20, 2018 for Finance Budget Analyst (FBA) positions in Sacramento, California.  We are looking for high-performing individuals who are interested in being part of the team that advises the Governor’s Office on policy and budget issues. Finance analysts play a key role in helping shape public policy decisions; the state budget; and legislation in areas such as health care, education, environmental regulation, and public safety.  The FBA position provides an opportunity to work on issues that impact the people of California and often carry broader policy implications.  The FBA is a permanent full-time California state civil service position. Additional information regarding the FBA position and our department can be found at the Finance website.

Please see the attached recruitment bulletin for more detailed information regarding eligibility requirements, the application process, the selection process, and upcoming informational sessions.

If you have any questions about these opportunities, the state hiring process, or want to learn more about the Department of Finance, please feel free to contact me at (916) 322-2263 or our Human Resources Office at (916) 323-4071.

Thanks in advance,


Irena Asmundson

Chief Economist

California Department of Finance

FBA Recruitment Bulletin Summer 2018_