State of California Department of Finance Looking for Econ Grads

Dear Colleagues,

One of our economists in the Economic Research Unit has decided to move closer to family, and I am hoping you can help find us a replacement.  This position would be ideal for candidates who are practical, flexible, and are interested in influencing policy, but might be frustrating for someone who wants to do research.  All of the economists in my unit are expected to do some forecasting work, some regulatory analysis, and some policy analysis for the administration.  This is going to be an exciting year, since there will be a gubernatorial transition.  Many of the largest policy changes are pushed through directly after an election, so our work will make a difference.

 The listing is here:  Note that candidates will have to take an online exam where they submit a self-assessment.  Unpaid experience counts, and they should judge their skills versus the general public, not their peers.  While civil service rules generally mean that new employees start at the bottom of the salary range, the state offers excellent benefits and job security, including merit salary increases of 5 percent every year.  In addition, Sacramento offers an excellent cost of living (for California), and we manage a good work-life balance.  A permanent work authorization is required, but U.S. citizenship is not.

 Please feel free to put me in touch with candidates if they have any questions.  I will begin interviews with the first batch next week, so I hope to hear from them soon!


Irena Asmundson

Chief Economist

California Department of Finance