Xponential Works Internship

Summer internship at XponentialWorks
Xponential Works is seeking interns who are excited about building a petabyte scale data warehouse from the ground up using cutting edge, open source technologies, hosted on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) leveraging Docker, Kubernetes, and App Engine. Our developers and engineers work together to design and implement systems and tools that enhance workflows and business processes across international teams.
Get experience with user testing, continuous integration and deployment, quality control, fixing software bugs, and exposure to the latest web development technologies as well as an array of Google Cloud Platform tools.
Work in an environment with multiple startups sharing the same space, including state of the art 3D printing, drone control, and algorithm driven industrial design improvement.

Must have experience with or be willing to learn:
— User testing
— Continuous integration
— Web Development
— Google Cloud Platform 
Attendance on site in Ventura, CA required. 30 hours per week. (We’re looking to place 2)
We’re a “Hire for character, train skills” kind of firm. We would prefer students who have at least completed their sophomore year, and would consider students in their sophomore year who have relevant work experience.
Please email Jamie-Lynn Figure with questions or applications jamielynn@xponentialworks.com