DaVinci Financial (Irvine) – now hiring!

imagesDaVinci Financial is a brokerage firm that works with a diverse portfolio of financial institutions and insurance carriers including but not limited to Lincoln Financial, New York Life, Mass Mutual, Allianz, Aviva, Prudential, ING, The Hartford, Transamerica, John Hancock, AXA, and many more.


While many firms only represent ONE company, we represent virtually every major company in the country.  Why be held captive to only ONE financial company, when you can give your client access to all of them, allowing you to give them unbiased, sound advice?


Each client is unique, and is in a unique circumstance… thus a unique solution using a specific financial product is in the client’s best interest… and you cannot do this when you go to work for ONE insurance company or financial institution.  Each carrier has a product portfolio that is ideal for a specific client, which is why we have the ability to offer our clients whatever product is the best fit for them.


When you work for a single insurance company or financial institution, you have to push their product onto every client, and in many cases, their particular product portfolio is NOT the right for the client.  This forces you to either advise the client to work with someone else (which means you lose the client)… or shove your company’s product down your client’s throat, even though you know that it’s not the right fit, just so you can make your commission (which is unethical).


At DaVinci Financial, we always seek to do what’s right for the client, and we have the ability to do this every time because we have the contracts to get the client whatever they want or need.

Led by multi-talented entrepreneur, Darren Sugiyama, DaVinci Financial is a cutting-edge, creative, prestigious firm with a track record and pedigree that is unparalleled.

For more info about DaVinci Financial, visit us at:  www.davincispg.com


DaVinci Financial Advisors consult business owners, high net worth individuals, and closely held private corporations.  Our Financial Advisors develop strategies for our clients that maximize capital growth, max-fund cash flow vehicles for retirement, and minimize tax liability for both the company and the business owner.

DaVinci has an excellent mentorship program that involves being assigned to a Senior Consultant.  You will be trained and mentored by some of the most talented people in the financial services industry, and also have the opportunity to work directly with our President, the founder of our firm.  Many of our Consultants even started out as interns while they were still in college, and transitioned into full-time career consultants.

Two of our top Financial Consultants are only 26-years old, and have made over $218,000 in their first year.  Income potential is virtually unlimited, as our consultants are paid huge production bonuses.

For more info about DaVinci Financial, visit us at:  www.davincispg.com


DaVinci Financial’s business model is mentorship-based.  Many of our associates are right out of school, with no experience in the financial world.  However, all of our people are extremely motivated and financially-minded.  A bachelor’s degree is preferred, major is irrelevant.  For seasoned associates/candidates with experience in the financial services industry, we have opportunities to rise into management positions, mentoring new associates including joint work opportunities.

For more info about DaVinci Financial, visit us at:  www.davincispg.com

To apply, e-mail your resume to:  AWdowin@davincifia.com