PWC Case Competition!!

Here’s your chance to put on your game face and team with your friends in the xTAX case competition. Join over 2000 other students from 42 colleges and universities, learn more about high-level tax policy issues and compete for cash prizes at the local and national levels. In addition to gaining recognition for your critical thinking and communication skills, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with PwC professionals who can provide mentoring for your career pursuits.

Who knows, you also just might win some bragging rights.
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How it works
On October 10th, from 11am-4pm at, PwC will be on campus for the xTAX launch. During the launch, our xTAX project leader, Kaycie Johnson, along with PwC staff, and former competitors will be available to provide you with additional information and answer all of your questions. The launch will be followed by our October 23rd campus mission meeting, where all teams competing on your campus will meet with a PwC representative who will explain this year’s case challenge. Your team will have two weeks to formulate a solution to present to a panel of PwC professionals on November 6th.

What’s in it for me?
There are personal and financial rewards. It’s intellectually satisfying to team with friends to discuss and solve real world issues. It’s personally gratifying to accomplish against a demanding goal. Plus, gaining recognition from members of the business community for your teamwork, critical thinking
and communication skills will bring about longer-term professional rewards.

The winning team on each campus will receive $1,000 and consideration for the national finals. The five teams chosen for the finals each receive $10,000 and a chance to compete for the Hamilton Award. In addition, the finalists will travel to Washington, DC to meet with professionals from PwC’s Washington National Tax Services Group and other firm leaders. Faculty mentors who coach campus winners will receive $500, and those who coach national finalist teams will receive $5,000 and an invitation to join their team in Washington, DC.

Who can compete?
Your team must consist of five members with the following composition:
Teams must have at least two underclassmen who are either accounting majors/minors or enrolled in at least one accounting course.
Teams may have no more than two upperclassmen and at least one must be an accounting major.
Teams may have no more than one prior year national finalist.
All members must have the intent to apply, applied or be currently enrolled in the Business School.
Freshmen may be undeclared.

Classes are defined as follows:
Upperclassman: 3rd (Junior) and 4th (Senior) year students in a 4 year program, 4th (Senior) and 5th year students in a 5 year program; All graduate students.

Underclassman: 1st (Freshman) and 2nd (Sophomore) year students in a 4 year program; 1st (Freshman), 2nd (Sophomore) and 3rd (Junior) year students in a 5 year program.

For further inquiries, reach out to your xTAX Campus Lead, Kaycie Johnson, at