Don’t wait to enroll in SBP courses!

As many of you know the department has created a new program through extension, which has 2 primary goals:

  • to assist students with meeting the new 150-hour (225 quarter hours) educational requirement for certification as a CPA in California
  •  expose to a variety of business related fields, in a seminar style format.

The Strategic Business Program consists of a series of 16 one-unit courses offered at convenient times that students may take in addition to and concurrently with their regular undergraduate coursework. 

2 courses start during the first week of school:

Industry Studies: Public Accounting
ECON X430.80

The purpose of this course is to expose students to the field of public accounting. The majority of course time will be devoted to a series of speakers from various areas of public accounting.  Professor Loster has secured many firm professional to speak during the courses, which gives the students access to professional and creates great networking opportunities.


Business Etiquette and Communication
Econ X430.65

Communication is fundamental to success in almost all professional endeavors. This course will cover a wide-range of topics related to business communication and etiquette. In particular, students will learn communication strategies relevant for interactions with: colleagues, employees, partners, and business clients. In addition, students will learn and practice proper business etiquette. This 3 day course (day 3 is optional as it may not fit everyone’s schedule) will prepare students for Meet the Firms, and will give students an insite to the recruitment process through a panel discussion with representatives from the Big 4.

Do not wait to sign up for these courses!  Enrollment is limited!

You can enroll online through extension!

If you have any questions please contact Joan at