SIP Econ 499.4 and 5

Calling all SIP students if you are hoping to apply to DIG save yourself the stress and take these two amazing classes this quarter. They start Tuesday and Wednesday and can be taken simultaneously!! sip-fall-2022-class-schedule-1Download

Predoctoral Research Fellows Program!

The King Center's Predoctoral Research Fellows Program is a full-time, two-year postbaccalaureate program designed to prepare individuals for careers in academic research focused on issues related to global development. This multidisciplinary program operates in partnership with the Stanford Graduate School of Business.  Fellows are appointed as non-matriculated graduate students. Fellows work with King Center Faculty … Continue reading Predoctoral Research Fellows Program!

Looking For a Career Post-Graduation?

Pathways to Research and Doctoral Careers (PREDOC) offers many great opportunities for graduating students in many fields (economics, math, computer sciences, physics, psychology, and so on) to work for one or two years as full-time research assistants alongside top researchers in economics and business, focusing on the most varied topics, such as Energy and Environment, … Continue reading Looking For a Career Post-Graduation?

Fall SIP

Fall SIP classes have started ! If you want to be eligible to apply to the Deans Investment Group don't forget to sign up for Econ 499.4 and 499.5 sip-fall-2022-class-scheduleDownload