Junior Analyst job!

We updated the job spec for our Junior Analyst job posting on Handshake.  Could you possibly send the job posing in blog/list-serve.  We received your information from Diana Seder.

Designed as a three-year program, this unique opportunity allows recent grads to jump right into the buy side of the industry and gain first-hand knowledge & experience in all aspects of fundamental equity analysis.  The Junior Analyst will be trained and mentored directly by two senior analysts who have close to 15 years of experience individually.  The program will provide in-depth training on financial modeling skills, written research, and how to analyze public equities.  The Junior Analyst will also have in-person exposure to our three Portfolio Managers and the Head of Research who are all located in our San Francisco Office.  This unparalleled opportunity not only allows for access to our prestigious research and portfolio team, but also should position the person to be a strong MBA candidate or assist in moving to an adjacent financial sector.  Please note the role is based in San Francisco and we ask that all applicants kindly review the below qualifications before applying:


  1. Required fluency in either Japanese (preferred) or Mandarin Chinese
  2. Major in either economics or business
  3. Rising senior on track to graduate in May 2024
  4. Minimum 3.00 overall cumulative GPA 
  5. Minimum 3.33 GPA within their major
  6. Work/intern experience in the financial sector, a plus