Great full time job opportunity!

Students can reach out to directly as I check that inbox as does our HR Director, Saemee Hwang.  Please note that we would accept STEM students but OPT as I believe they can work in the states after graduation for 3 years.  Also, we do not sponsor H-1B visas. 

Based in San Francisco.  Designed as a three year program, this is more of an opportunity for recent grads to jump right in to the buy side of the industry and bypass the MBA completion or 3 year Banking Program normally needed.  The accepted applicant will work and train directly with two senior analysts who have roughly 15 and 13   years of experience individually.  Part of this program will consist of creating financial models, written research, assisting with presentations and  training the next Junior Analyst during his or her 3rd year.  The accepted applicant will also have in-person exposure to our three Portfolio Managers and the Head of Research who are all located in our San Francisco Office, as well as representatives from major investment banks.  This once in a lifetime opportunity not only allows for access to our prestigious research and portfolio team, but also should position the person to be a strong MBA candidate or assist in moving to an adjacent financial sector. 


  1. Required fluency in either Japanese (preferred) or Mandarin Chinese
  2. Major in either economics or business
  3. Rising senior on track to graduate in May 2024
  4. Minimum 3.00 overall cumulative GPA 
  5. Minimum 3.33 GPA within their major
  6. Work/intern experience in the financial sector, a plus

Please advise if this helps and I look forward to hearing from you.