Research Assistant job!

This project has two overarching goals. I would first like to know whether the notable wealth once held by Black Americans in the Greenwood District of Tulsa, Oklahoma can be traced back to land allotments granted to “Creek Freedmen” at the turn of the century by the federal government. Secondly, I would like to utilize the credibly exogenous portion of this wealth, namely wealth from oil discovery under allotment land, to identify a causal relationship between the economic success of minorities and the animosity of their white neighbors. Toward these goals, I have compiled several sources of interesting data. I would like to hire an undergraduate RA to help me to process this data and to get it into analysis form.

  • This is a paid opportunity. How many hours a week and for how many weeks total depends on your preferences and availability.
  • Experience with Excel is preferred. However, attention to detail and a creative problem-solving mindset is more important than technical skills for the first task. If we have a good working relationship, there may be opportunities in the future to help me with more technical work, like cleaning data in Stata, if you are interested.
  • The work can be done remotely, as I will not be based in Santa Barbara this summer.
  • You do not need to know anything about Tulsa or about oil, but it will help if you think the project sounds interesting, or just want to learn more about how research works!
  • If interested, please fill out this short Google form by 11:59pm on April 24.
  • I’ll reach out shortly after that to chat if it seems like it might be a good fit.