MIT is seeking a Predoctoral Technical Associate


I am reaching out on behalf of MIT Professor Antoinette Schoar. Professor Schoar is seeking a full-time Predoctoral Technical Associate to help conduct research for several projects in the areas of fintech, cryptocurrencies and blockchain, financial intermediation, and consumer finance. I support the pre-doc program here at Sloan School of Management and am working to recruit someone for this position. I am hoping that you, or someone you might be able to connect me with, can help find some prospective candidates looking to interview for the position. 

Ideally, the candidates will have a strong quantitative background, have strong programming skills and experience (especially in Python, R, or SQL), are able to work independently to solve problems, and have an educational background in Computer Science, Economics, or Statistics. Feel free to read and please share the following job description and application link with any recent graduates who might be interest: Alternatively, if you can connect me with someone who is better able to help me get the word out to potential candidates, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance for your help with this,

Ahmed Abusharkh

Administrative Assistant II

Behavioral and Policy Sciences

MIT Sloan School of Management

100 Main Street, E62-331C

Cambridge, MA 02142

p: (617) 253-5703 | e: