Calling all Pre-Econ and Econ and Acct Majors don’t miss this class!

Subject: A course designed to help you succeed in your pre-major: Add codes for Fall available.

Dear students,

As you probably know, several social science majors at UCSB (economics, accounting, political science, sociology, communications) require students to achieve high grades in quantitative introductory pre-major courses.  Many UCSB students attended high-schools that did not build adequate exposure to applied math and the types of formal/quantitative reasoning that they will require to succeed in these courses.  Many of them end up having to select different majors. Afterwards, such students routinely report that they did not realize they needed to build these skills prior to attempting these courses, but that they had a sense that needed more confidence working with math, logic, graphs and the like going into them. If you think this might be you, please consider taking the course whose syllabus is attached this Fall. It is designed specifically with your academic needs in mind.

Class meets MWF, 9-9:50.  There will be steady but modest stream of homework, worksheets and short readings, and we will focus on building skills and confidence in a friendly fashion.  It is therefore an extremely regular time commitment, but not a massive one.

Please email me for an add code if you would like to be let into this class, even if it is just to see what it is like, at: do NOT be confused by the fact that the course has an upper division number and is in Global Studies. The course is open to anybody considering majoring in a quantitative or mixed-methods social science, especially Freshmen and Sophomores.

Thank you,

Aashish Mehta

Associate Professor and Vice-Chair, Global Studies

Affiliated Faculty, Economics

UC-Santa Barbara