Job opportunity!

Data Analysis, Inc. (DAI) and our office is located in Playa Del Rey (next door to Marina Del Rey). Here is the website – The company was founded by William O’Neil, who was a very successful stock picker. He created his own investing strategy called CANSLIM and has written books like How to Make Money in Stocks. Please let me know if you would like more information.

Accountant (Revenue/ AR/ GAAP) – 742Accountant (Revenue/ AR/ GAAP) –

Accountant (Tax / Benefits/ Payroll / GAAP) – 741Accountant (Tax / Benefits/ Payroll / GAAP) –

If any of your students are interested, please have them email their resumes to me as well. This way I can pass it along to the CFO. If not, HR will be the only ones to vet the resumes and determine if the applicant is a qualified candidate. I want to emphasize that I cannot guarantee these positions to your students, but I can make sure that their resumes are seen by the CFO.

Tro Achekian <>