Internship at the New York Fed!

Research & Statistics

Dear Colleague,

I want to bring to your attention internship opportunities for sophomores in the New York Fed’s Research and Statistics Group in the summer of 2022. Your familiarity with undergraduates at your institution will be of tremendous help in alerting talented sophomores (graduating in Winter 2023 or Spring 2024) to our Sophomore Analyst positions.

Analysts play an integral role in the research and policy work of New York Fed economists on topics including macroeconomics, microeconomics, banking and payment systems, capital markets, and international economics. The New York Fed has a highly respected program for full-time Research Analysts who join us for two years after graduating college and then successfully pursue graduate school, private-sector or public-sector positions. Our RAs have consistently been accepted by the very best U.S. graduate programs in economics and finance as well as in law and public policy. Our summer internship program is an excellent opportunity to experience the work of an analyst. We have an established Junior Analyst internship program, many of whom have returned as full-time RAs upon graduation. Today, we are contacting you about the Sophomore Analyst program which was recently created to also offer internship experiences to sophomores.

We seek candidates who have records of strong scholarship and academic curiosity. Analysts usually have a background in economics, policy, mathematics, or computer science, though a major in one of these fields is not a necessity. Successful candidates often have an interest in academic research, and many are considering careers in economic research, public policy, public service, or related fields. 

We explicitly seek candidates from a wide range of backgrounds, particularly those that are typically underrepresented in the economics profession.  Our programs are at the beginning of the “pipeline” to an economics career, so it is important to us that we recruit a diverse cohort of Analysts each year. As a representative of your institution and student body, we ask that you please help us in passing this message along to any candidates you may know who may be otherwise hesitant to apply.

Applications for Sophomore Analyst internships are being accepted now, on a rolling basis, at Candidates should apply by September 24th.

In a few weeks, we will also post opportunities for Junior Analyst internships (graduating in Winter 2022 or Spring 2023) and our full-time Research Analyst position (graduating in Winter 2021 or Spring 2022). We will send a reminder e-mail when those positions are posted at Please email with any questions.


Beverly Hirtle
Executive Vice President
Director of Research

Research & Statistics Group 
Federal Reserve Bank of New York 
33 Liberty Street 
New York, NY 10045-0001