Hope you are having a great summer! This email contains important information regarding our new 2021-22 memberships and the Fall Gauntlet & Meet the Firms, so please read:
First, our 2021-22 email listserv is now live! Please sign up here. I will be sending out important information about our meetings and events to that listserv only, so sign up ASAP! 
Second, our 2021-22 memberships are also live! This year, we will be having 2 types of memberships. The Regular Membership has a $15 annual fee and you can register here. This membership is annual and DOES NOT include access to our big events like the Gauntlets and Meet the Firms. It only includes access to our weekly meetings, our workshops, and your name on our website for firms to see! The ALL Access Membership has a $40 annual fee that you can register here. This membership includes access to everything that the Regular members have, PLUS access to the Fall / Winter Gauntlet or Meet the Firms. There will be no separate registration fee for the Fall / Winter Gauntlet or Meet the Firms.
Third, as firms’ application deadlines have moved up, UAS has accordingly moved up the dates for our Fall Gauntlet and Fall Meet the Firms. The Gauntlet will be held Monday, September 1st, from 10 am – 5 pm. The Meet the Firms will be held Monday, September 13th, from 3 pm – 6 pm. Both events will be held virtually— links to register should be attached to your order confirmation email after registering for our ALL Access Membership. Again, only UAS 2021-22 ALL Access members will be eligible for both of these events, and freshmen are restricted from our Fall Meet the Firms. 
For more details about each membership, go to our UAS website and also check out the attached membership graphic.
Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

Misato Shimizu (she/her) | Director of CommunicationsUndergraduate Accounting Society of UC Santa Barbara

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