Do not miss this great class that you get Ethics units towards the CPA general ethics section!

Ethical Investing

Whether your passion is protecting the environment, fighting poverty, gun
availability, or promoting global health care, “Ethical Impact Investing” can
promote positive change. This course balances theory with actual case studies to
show how profit incentives may be combined with social consciousness for a winwin outcome. Students will come away informed, inspired, and well-equipped to
pursue a lifetime of championing social causes.
COURSE GOALS: By the end of this course you will be able to: • Understand investment basics and how to make investment decisions
• Learn how financial innovation impacts social change
• Learn how to evaluate both the profit and potential effectiveness of social impact projects
• Develop advocacy skills to effectively convey your passion, inspire, persuade and motivate
TIME: Class meets every Thursday, 9-11:50 am in Fall 2021 Quarter
PREQUESITES: Upper division status; students from all majors are welcome. Credit applies
toward ethics coursework requirements.
INSTRUCTOR: Mitchell Kauffman is a nationally recognized Wealth Manager and Certified
Financial Planner who has built his independent practice over the past 35 years. As a Gaucho
alumni and Santa Barbara resident, he is an active philanthropist who offers his business
consultant expertise to a variety of non-profits.
Contact Professor Kauffman directly with questions: