Finance Connection, Don’t miss Jonathan Shapiro!

Hope you all had a successful midterm season. We are hosting a guest speaker this Wednesday, May 12th, at 7pm with alumnus Jonathan Shapiro, who works in business development.Please come prepared with lots of good questions!As always, if you have any questions, feel free to send us an email.
Guest Speaker: Jonathan Shapiro OverviewFor our meeting WednesdayMay 12th at 7 PM, we are hosting a session with Jonathan Shapiro (Class of 2015) to learn about his experience in corporate development. Jonathan currently works in business development for National Veterinary Associates, and has previously worked in PWC Deals and PWC Assurance. He will be talking about his experience in both assurance and deal valuation within the Big 4 and recruiting into business development. Please come prepared with great questions!Zoom link