UCSB Winthrop Undergraduate Research Grant

The Winthrop Research Grant provides up to $2,500 in research funding to support outstanding undergraduate students with demonstrated financial need in the division of Social Sciences. The goal of this grant is to foster student interest in exploring novel approaches in research and think critically in the face of diverse real-world social problems. Any research project focused on studying a contemporary social problem will be considered.  

Students must be majoring in any department located within Social Sciences. Students must be taking or going into upper-division coursework in considered majors as a continuing student, making normal progress toward a degree, and in good standing. 

Students will write a short abstract describing their project and a 1-2 page proposal providing research project details (see below). Students must secure a faculty or graduate student mentor who will guide them through the research project.

In addition to recruiting a research mentor, we encourage applicants to seek affiliation with one of the many Social Science-oriented Centers or Initiatives on campus. Please refer to the complete list of Dean’s office initiatives here, in addition to well-established research centers such as the Center for Black Studies Research, and the Chicano Studies Institute. If affiliation is secured, a brief letter of support from the Center / Initiative Director will enhance the application.  

Winthrop scholars will be required to present their findings to a group of Social Sciences administrators, staff, and faculty in Spring 2021.

The deadline for submitting materials is December 1, 2020. All proposals should be submitted to ssdean@ltsc.ucsb.edu.

Your abstract should be a brief and clearly written synopsis of your research. It should not exceed 100 words and must contain the following elements: 

  • A brief explanation of the project’s purpose
  • A brief statement explaining what you will do in your project
  • The major conclusions you hope to derive from your project
  • A concise statement of what you hope to gain from your project

Project Plan
The project plan is a brief narrative, not to exceed two pages (single or double-spaced with standard margins, font size no smaller than 11 points and no images or formulae). References are not required, but if included they should remain within the two-page limit. 

The narrative must include responses to the following questions:

  • Specific Aims: What do you intend to do? List the overall objectives of your project and describe concisely and realistically what your project is intended to accomplish.
  • Research Design and Methods: Describe the research design and procedures that you will use. By what means will your data be collected, analyzed, and interpreted? Provide a timetable for the project. If your project involves human subjects, please note that you have complied with University guidelines for the use of human subjects. (These guidelines are available from the Office of Research website. Questions should be directed to The Human Subjects Coordinator, Office of Research, hsc@research.ucsb.edu. Please do not submit the Human Subjects Committee application with this proposal.)
  • Background and Significance: Relate your project’s specific aims to the broader goals of your undergraduate education and major field of study.
  • Timeline: Indicate duration of research or creative activity. How long will you be doing this project? Where do you expect the project to be in one month, two months, five months, etc.?

Personal Statement
The Personal Statement is a brief narrative, not to exceed three paragraphs, that describes what motivates you to conduct research and your financial need.  

List all costs associated with the project.  

Mentor’s Letter 
A letter of support is required from a faculty, lecturer, or graduate student mentor. If working with a graduate student mentor please add an additional $500 to your budget so that the grant program can provide a stipend to this mentor.  It is your responsibility to ensure the submission of this letter by the deadline. Please allow the mentor sufficient time to review your plan prior to the submission deadline. Your mentor can submit their letter to ssdean@ltsc.ucsb.edu.