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Andrew Cheng: Andrew is a third-year Economics & Accounting major who is also pursuing the TMP certificate. He is from Arcadia, California and plans to work for PwC after graduation. Andrew is very passionate about business and entrepreneurship and sees them as ways to solve issues such as access to sustainable energy and education. Outside of school, he enjoys playing volleyball, doing Jiu Jitsu, and cooking.

 Cassie Gao: Cassie is a third-year Economics major and part of the Dean’s Honors Program in the Department of Economics. This past Spring, she worked as an investment analyst intern at, and most recently, she interned on the equity research team at Allied Millennial Partners. Additionally, she finished the Strategic Investment Program and is currently on the team of the Dean’s Investment Group.

 Nate Kim Nate is a senior at UCSB majoring in Economics and Accounting with a minor in Music. He has previously interned in investment banking and corporate finance roles and will return as a Financial Analyst in Cisco’s Leaders in Finance and Technology (LIFT) rotational program upon graduation. In his spare time, Nate enjoys playing the guitar and following developments in the tech industry.

 Spencer Sween: Spencer is a fourth-year Economics and Mathematics major who holds a strong interest in Economics research. Throughout his undergraduate experience, Spencer has contributed to several academic research papers, worked for a hedge fund, and interned at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. He invites students to reach out to him at the Career Connection Office to talk about research opportunities or related career paths!

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