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Meet the Firms is the largest accounting recruiting event at UCSB, connecting hundreds of UCSB students interested in the accounting profession to a wide variety of accounting firms and professionals. The upcoming Fall Meet the Firms focuses on students seeking internships and full-time positions. The second Meet the Firms, in the winter quarter, focuses on Summer Leadership Program candidates.

This event is one of the most important events to attend if you are a third or fourth year student interested in internships or full-time opportunities. Meet the Firms allows students and professionals to mingle together and for each party to gain a sense of familiarity with one another. It is crucial to get face time and meaningful conversations with as many professionals as you can.

You need to be a current UAS annual member to participate in Meet the Firms. You may purchase a 2020-21 UAS membership for $15 through Eventbrite (found on our Eventbrite profile or our website) before registering here for Meet the Firms: A reminder that first years are restricted from attending Fall Meet the Firms— instead, first years attend our Winter Meet the Firms.

More information about how we will be holding it over Zoom will be sent out to those who register!

How to prepare for Meet The Firms