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Looking for a way to learn more about careers in Finance? This program is perfect for students who want to prepare for careers in Finance and Investing. Developed by the UCSB Department of Economics, this program will help anyone seeking to gain a deep understanding of the forces that govern all types of financial markets through a rich blend of lectures, guest speakers and hands-on projects.

The Strategic Investment Program (SIP) is designed to provide participants with a solid foundation in key practical aspects of investing and financial economics. This program is designed to give students the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge that can be directly applied in the investment arena. The certificate will also demonstrate to current and prospective employers evidence of recent professional training in this field. In some cases, course work may also be applied toward continuing education requirements in fields such as accounting, law, and finance, or other forms of career advancement. Now is the time to prepare for your chosen career path.

(Enrollment for Fall 20 Strategic Investment Courses are Open Now!)

Introduction to Financial Economics – Learn more – begins Oct 12 online

Financial Statement Analysis – Learn more – begins Nov 3 online

Risk and Ethics – Learn more – begins Nov 20 online

Financial Crises (elective) – Learn more – begins Nov 25 online

Planning for Success (elective) – Learn more –  begins Nov 23 online

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