Research Assistant Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Primary Location IL-Chicago
Full-time / Part-time

 Entry Level Research Assistant

In this role, Research Assistants will utilize analytical skills in the areas of Economics, Finance, Statistics, Mathematics and Computer Science to support academic research and policy work by staff economists. Tasks include quantitative research analyses using economic and financial data; computer programming; preparation of briefings and educational outreach materials; and financial and economic database management. The position requires a two-year commitment and is ideal for students considering further graduate work, particularly in the fields of economics or finance. The level of work required is considered entry-level and staff work under direct supervision. This job has no direct reports. This position is structured as part of a two-year program.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

•Conducts statistical and economic analyses of current macroeconomic, microeconomic, and regional data, and provides research support for the economists

•Supports the economists in their basic and applied research by following instructions to perform tasks including collecting data, conducting moderately complex statistical analysis, writing statistical software programs, and organizing the presentation of results.

•Prepares a variety of charts, tables, and descriptive text for Department management or other staff economists to use in their briefings of the President and the Board of Directors.

•Researches economic topics for economists’ articles; on some of these occasions, the efforts will be substantial enough to constitute collaboration with the economists (or department management), leading to jointly authored articles.

•Recommends, initiates, plans, and executes research projects under the guidance of manager and department researchers. Coordinates research projects and directs activities of research assistants and other staff, as assigned.•Performs other duties, as requested

Education and Experience

•Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Finance, Business, Mathematics, or related field with emphasis on quantitative and/or analytical skills.

Knowledge and Skills

•Knowledge of and ability to apply economic theory and quantitative analysis techniques under the general supervision of department researchers.

•Ability to use PC and standard software packages, such as but not limited to ArcGIS.

•Ability to use PC statistical programs, such as but not limited to SAS, STATA, and MATLAB to organize data into files and to perform advanced statistical and econometric analyses.•Strong analytical and problem solving skills.•Strong organizational and planning skills.•Strong oral and written communication skills. 

Application Requirements

•To be considered, all applications must include a Cover Letter, Resume, Unofficial Transcripts, and Letter of Recommendation.•Applicants must be U.S. Citizens or hold green cards with the intent to become a U.S. Citizen.

•Please have your Letter of Recommendation submitted to:

Please have your letter writer include your first and last name in the subject name of their email.