New Course, Data Science Foundation

The Data Science Foundations course (formerly INT 5) is back! 

CS 190DA is an introductory class, which is open ONLY to Freshmen and Sophomores. This course is geared for non-STEM majors and we are especially reaching out to those who want to learn how to code, but come from fields with little or no background in the subject.

Please see the attached flyer or the description below for more details. 

Thank you!

Prof. K

Data Science Foundations

CS 190DA (Fall 2020)

Learn the foundations of programming and statistical inference to process, visualize, and analyze real-world data across the sciences, humanities, medicine, economics, education, and much more.

No formal prerequisites. Freshmen and Sophomores only.

TR 11am-12:15pm (remote with synchronous lectures)

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