Free, Stata Summer Class!!

Hi students,

I know that it’s been a challenging quarter on so many dimensions. We’ve been working on how to help our students during this difficult time. As the Undergraduate chair, I’ve been working hard to give the students more and more experiences with data. To this end, we will be offering something new to you for FREE! Come and learn STATA this summer!
Over the summer, two economics PhD students will run a class via Zoom helping students learn STATA. STATA is one of the leading statistical software packages used by economists. Students have found STATA skills useful for Econ 140B, senior theses, and as an addition to their resume for private sector recruiting. More and more data skills are critical for successful job placement.

The Zoom lecture will be complemented with a set of ungraded assignments. There will be no formal credit for this class but for successful completion of the class, students will be awarded a UCSB Stata proficiency certificate (looks fancy on a resume!). The Zoom lectures will be recorded. As we are remote, the use of STATA is free through the University’s STATA license.

If you’re interested in enrolling in this class, please fill out this form by Friday, June 19th at 5pm. I’ll be back with further details the following week. Thanks for your interest!

Here’s the application link:
Take care of yourselves.

Heather Royer

Associate Professor of EconomicsEconomics Undergraduate Chair