UEA Presents: Conversations on COVID-19

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has presented some serious questions about the future of our economy. How will COVID-19 affect financial institutions? What impact will this pandemic have on global trade? What does it mean to graduate into an economy reshaped by the coronavirus? 

UEA’s new speaker series aims to tackle such questions. Each week, faculty from the Economics department will lead discussions and answer questions on the various economic implications of COVID-19. Topics will differ by week, covering a wide range of issues. 

This week we will be joined by Lecturer Bob Anderson who’ll be leading a discussion on how to apply financial reporting rules that never contemplated a sudden shutdown. 

We will also be raffling out UCSB Econ department merch at this event!

Anyone with a valid UCSB email can join the Zoom call and actively participate! Please fill out this form in advance for a link to the call: tinyurl.com/ucsbuea

The event will also be livestreamed on our Facebook page: facebook.com/ucsbuea