Career Connection Spring Advising – Let’s Zoom!

Hello Students,

Although the Career Connection office is currently closed to walk-in advising and calls, we can still be reached during normal business hours by email. In addition, Career Connection remote advising is now available on Zoom; we look forward to continuing to serve students this spring:

Career Connection Resources Online:

· Resume & Cover Letter Templates  (Sample Accounting, Finance and more)
· CPA Requirements  (Have us check your progress)
· CPA FAQ  (How to convert semester units to quarter units)
· CPA Handbook (How to sign-up for the CPA Exam)
· UCSB Path to Graduation Checklist  (Seniors declaring candidacy)
· UCSB Remote Learning Resources 

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Interested in Accounting? Try satisfying some of your CPA requirements before getting into the major. Check out the Ethics Study section on the back page of the CPA Sheet. Please note: your CPA requirements are different than your major and degree requirements, though sometimes can overlap. Consider joining the Undergraduate Accounting Society to stay informed on recruiting events, timelines and other important announcements.

Interested in Finance? Sign up for UCSB Extension courses: Strategic Investments. These courses DO NOT count toward the major, university or financial aid unit requirements, but DO look excellent on your resume. Consider joining the Finance Connection to stay informed on job search strategies, timelines and other important announcements.

Interested in Economics? Join the Undergraduate Economics Association! You do not need to be in the major to join and you will stay up to date with everything economics – also a great way to build your resume.


The Career Connection Team

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