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Think Wall Street offers the only opportunities in finance and investing? Think again. Successful finance and investment careers await through private industry, nonprofit and government organizations as well as the real estate sector. Now is the time to prepare for your chosen career path. (Enrollment for Winter ’20 Strategic Investment Courses are Open Now!)

The UC Santa Barbara Dean’s Investment fund will launch in September 2020. We an-ticipate generous support from alumni, long-time department supporters and the business community. This is a joint venture between the Division of Social Science and the Department of Economics. The fund will be located in the Division of Social Science and operated by the Department of Economics. Proceeds from the fund will be used to support student programs within the Division, with a particular emphasis on supporting in-need students and programs consistent with the Division’s effort to enhance diversity and inclusion.

The Dean’s Investment Fund is designed to provide UC Santa Barbara undergraduates an opportunity to interact with professionals in the investment arena and give students invaluable first-hand experience as part of the investment team. The Dean’s Investment Fund will serve as an important bridge between finan-cial theory and the workings of real-world capital markets for UC Santa Barbara undergraduates.

The Dean’s Investment Group (DIG) will have eight members selected through a competitive interview pro-cess. All students must complete the Strategic Investment Certificate before their participation in DIG official begins, but they can apply before completing the certificate. Students must also complete the Bloomberg Certificate before their tenure in DIG starts. All students participating in DIG will enroll in a two unit invest-ment course each quarter of the program.

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