Internship opportunity!

Seeking a hard-working and ambitious intern for pre-launch due diligence for a infrastructure / transportation investment near Los Olivos in Santa Barbara County, California. Our team is looking for someone to spearhead our local due diligence process, so we require candidates who will take initiative, challenge ideas and suggest solutions. The internship will require interpersonal skills, as they will be engaging locals to obtain insight to local demand for the potential investment. The founding team have impressive backgrounds and will be investing time and energy into the hire; our aim is to pass on knowledge from our experiences so that the candidate gains best practices from years of banking, asset management and world class graduate study programs. Time commitment will average 5-10 hours per week (maximum 20) and lasts from September 2019 to December 2019. Depending on the performance of the intern, as well as graduation schedule, there may be the possibility of part or full-time management-level employment and/or equity compensation as the venture grows. Class credit is possible as well, subject to the policy and forms of the academic institution. Applicants must be located within an hour’s drive to Los Olivos, California.

If interested email:Andrew Aran <>
Andrew Los Olivos Ventures, LP