Santa Barbara Local Firms Scholarship Due March 13th!

About Santa Barbara Local Firms

Santa Barbara Local Firms consists of accounting firms in the Santa Barbara area who are committed to the community. These are full service firms who care deeply about the satisfaction and service of their clients, as well as the impact that their businesses have on the community.

These firms have a long history of partnering with UCSB and continue to foster the development of students by participating in Undergraduate Accounting Society meetings and recruiting events, as well as supporting students individually and directly with career guidance, internships, and job opportunities.


The Santa Barbara Local Firms Scholarship offers a $2,000 scholarship for a UCSB Economics & Accounting student with a record of commitment to the greater Santa Barbara area through employment, civic engagement, and community outreach.

How to Apply

A complete application is due by March 13th to the Career Connection Office (NH 2119) 

Please fill out and submit the following: