Research Assistant Position – Experimental & Behavioral Economics Laboratory (EBEL) application now available!

The UCSB Economics Experimental and Behavioral Economics Laboratory (EBEL) Group invites you to apply to be a Research Assistant through their Research with Undergraduates Mentoring Program (RUMP), led by Professor Emanuel Vespa. This program provides an opportunity to help faculty who are conducting research in the area of Experimental and Behavioral economics. The program lasts for one quarter, but the student may enroll again in future quarters.

Research Project

We will conduct a series of computerized experiments to investigate several aspects of human behavior related to economics. We will also help update the recruiting technology in the experimental economics lab (

 Undergraduate Contribution

Students can help compile and edit instructions, test the computer program, run sessions and analyze data. While some tasks are more mundane and clerical, students with more skill and experience will take part in the more analytical aspects of the research. Students can help upgrade the software used for recruitment and payment.


  • Required: ECON 10A, ECON 100B
  • Preferred: ECON 171 (Game Theory), ECON 176 (Experimental Economics)
  • Students must be in either the Economics or Economics & Accounting major, with at least 2 upper-division major courses completed
  • Students must have a minimum UD major GPA of 0
  • Students must have a 0 GPA in the preceding 3 quarters
  • Students must be enrolled in ECON 199 RA for either 1 or 2 units

To apply, you must submit the following to the Career Connection office, North Hall 2119 or email to with a subject line of EBEL RUMP:

To Apply: