UAS Executive Board Applications Available!

Hi everyone!

UAS is now accepting applications for Executive Board positions! Some of the events the UAS Executive Board is responsible for planning and hosting are Meet the Firms, the Gauntlet, Annual Accounting Awards Banquet, and weekly meetings. Joining UAS is a great way to get involved and develop yourself professionally. If you are interested, I highly recommend you apply!
Applications are available on the UAS website under the Applications tab and position descriptions are under the Executive Board tab. Deadline to submit Executive Board applications is Wednesday, November 21st by 11:30 PM.
One thing to note- the upcoming term will only consist of two quarters, Winter and Spring 2019. Previously, UAS Board terms started in Winter and ended in Fall of the next academic year. We will now be moving the term to last from Fall to Spring in one academic year. Hence, the upcoming term will consist of only Winter and Spring quarters while the new term goes into effect.