Want Consulting or Market Research Experience?

The Office of the Controller is in charge of maintaining and creating business units that benefit students. Some business units and services we are in charge of include the Bike Shop, AS Pubs, the Tech (iClicker) Rental Program and more.

Our office is composed of three branches:
1- Strategy Consulting & Implementation
2- Venture
3- Accounting

We have three main goals:
1- Increase profitability of all A.S. businesses
2- Implement new profitable ventures that are useful to students
3- Conduct financial oversight over A.S. Businesses and all of A.S.

We are looking to hire independent, curious, and passionate people who want to contribute business-wise to the student body and will:
– hone their analytical skills
– find and implement solutions to real world business problems
– conduct market research
– build a business from scratch

Positions open:

– Business Analysts

– Senior Business Analysts

– Marketing & Communications Director

– Assistant Controller

– Controller

For more info and to apply, click here:


DEADLINE: This Friday, 5/18