Marketing & Business Internship with Shoreline Summit Adventures

An internship is available for Shoreline Summit Adventures, an adventure travel business focusing on the Channel Islands – the intern will participate in developing and implementing a marketing plan including to opportunities to local businesses and organizations as well as through the company’s existing social media pages.

To get a sense of what the business is about, visit the website at and the social networking pages on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter – other opportunities include creating original content videos to grow the libraries on Vimeo and YouTube or editing existing videos for social media posts – website enhancement, database management and blogging oversight are other ways in which students can be involved – although this is an unpaid internship, it should be a fun and informative position for the intern looking for experience in the real world of business, travel and adventure – once we meet and agree the position is mutually beneficial, students can work from home – an obvious advantage of the internet is that I can monitor what’s going on and students can easily share information with me in real time.

E-mail questions or resumes to – thanks.