Full-Time Analyst position for Economics Consulting Group in Portland

My firm is looking for an full-time analyst for our Portland office. Do you have any recent graduates (MA or BA) who are looking for work?
Our website is below for more information about our company and below is a current job description.

Research Associate Position – Portland office

Evergreen Economics is an independent economics consulting group specializing in energy; including Demand Side Management portfolio/program performance, regulatory support and policy evaluation, portfolio planning; forecasting and market studies. Evergreen’s success is built on a demonstrated ability to create innovative, cost-effective, robust solutions that help our clients optimize their DSM portfolios and energy policy. We are seeking candidates with a degree in economics, mathematics, public policy, operations research or a related field. The ideal candidate will have work experience that demonstrates one or more of the following: analysis/project planning; complex analysis execution; clear communication of results. A successful candidate will have solid analytical, theoretical and communication skills as well as an interest in energy efficiency program research, evaluation and analysis. Expertise in statistical theory and R or SPSS coding is a plus.

Much thanks,

Tami Rasmussen
Vice President
1648 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
Berkeley, California 94709