Oracle is looking for new grads..great opportunity!!

Calling all UCSB Alumni & December 2015 Grads. We want to be sure you are in the loop!

For the 4th year in a row, UC Santa Barbara has been hand-picked by our co-CEO, Mark Hurd, as a premiere campus for our hiring needs. For anyone interested in business opportunities in high-tech firms, we strongly encourage you to check out this unique opportunity.

Some more detail on what we are looking for right now…

We are currently focused on hiring for our Winter 2016 Class Of, with a start date of February 2nd. We are looking for candidates who have either just graduated recently (December 2014 through September 2015) or are graduating this December 2015. I am currently interviewing for this start date.

We are also focused on hiring for our Summer 2016 Class Of, with start dates throughout the summer (exact dates are currently TBD). I will begin the interview process for our Summer start dates in December.

This program offers an extensive 5 week training program to get our new hires ramped up on Oracle’s sales approach. Although cold calling is a part of the job, this position has a lot to offer. We use a sales approach that focuses on building a partnership with our clients and finding ways for Oracle’s technology to help other businesses grow and flourish.

We are hiring for 4 locations in the U.S. – our Redwood Shores, CA location (HQ) as well as Burlington, MA, Austin, TX and our NEW Santa Monica, CA location.

If you are interested in applying now, please send your resume to or apply to this position on GauchoLink. Applying on GauchoLink will ensure a quicker turn around.