Accounting Tutor and Grader Positions – now accepting applications

The department is hiring new tutors and graders for summer and the next school year.

Application forms available on the door of NH 1122

Eligibility Requirements:

* Accounting & Overal GPA 3.0+

* Earn at least a “B” in the classes you tutor for or grader for

* Completed or at least currently enrolled in ECON 136A and ECON 137A

To apply to either position, please complete the application form and turn in to NH 1122 with your resume & most recent unofficial transcript attached.

Application Deadline: This coming Wednesday, May 20th at 5PM

Both Tutor and Grader positions require interviews. More information can be found on the fliers(posted around North Hall) or you can contact Cissy  via or Demi via for any questions.