Recruiting Webinar – tomorrow!!

Dan Worthington, is a UCSB alum, and has over 30 years’ experience with recruiting.  He has developed an informational webinar to better prepare students for the recruiting process.

From Dan:

One thing I’ve experienced having recruited for the last 30 years is that many kids new to interviewing are not prepared, they have ineffective resumes, bad cover letters and interview poorly. Simply said, they blow their first impression, of which they never get a second chance to make.  Many of my son’s friends are calling me for advice, so I decided to put together this  Teleconference / WebEx on interviewing for career positions.

The Webex will be TOMORROW, 4/7 at 4pm PST, 7 EST.

Class 2

Preparing for your interview (day of)


Conducting an interview (eye-contact, length of answers to questions)


Emphasizing  your strengths

Questions to be prepared to answer / Questions to Ask

Confirming next steps to process

Following up

Tuesday, 4/7 at 4pm PST (7 EST).  There is no charge for this webinar/teleconference and they can call in toll free from anywhere in the US.  They can either call in or call in and log into the Webinar.   I think it will be helpful.  If your student is interested in attending this, please have her/him forward an e-mail to and we will send them the information.  In addition, the link and call in number for both sessions are listed below.

Topic: Interviewing Webinar
Date: Tuesday, April 7, 2015
Time: 4:00 pm, Pacific Daylight Time 5PM Central, 7PM EST)

Dial In: 866-946-4704
Participant Code:  47183# (make sure to press the # sign after the 47183)

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