You still have time to enroll in 3 SBP classes, starting this week!

You still have time to enroll in 3 Strategic Business Program (SBP) courses, starting this week.

Behavioral Finance – TONIGHT!  5 – 8pm in NH 1110

Todd Lowenstein, VP/Director Highmark Capital Management, is teaching an SBP course on Behavioral Finance that starts today at 5:00pm.  This course uses ideas taken from economics and psychology to help find anomalies within commonly believed ideas, and why they occur.

Enrollment is via the extension website at:


Business Communications and Etiquette – starts tomorrow, FRIDAY at 12:30pm in NH 1110.

This course covers a wide-range of topics related to business communication and etiquette. Topics include:

  • Written communication
  • Face to face communication
  • Telephone etiquette
  • Office social norms
  • Appropriate attire
  • Dining etiquette

Enrollment is done via:

Corporate Taxation  – SATURDAY, April 12th – 9 am – 6pm

Jim Brewer, tax partner at PwC will cover various topics including:

  • Provide an overview of tax laws/concepts and compliance issues related to tax reporting for corporate taxpayers;
  • Define and understand income-related topics such as gross receipts; interest and dividend income; and income from rents, royalties and ownership of partnership interests;
  • Define and understand deduction-related issues such as cost of goods sold, compensation, bad debts, taxes, charitable contributions, amortization, and depreciation expense; and
  • Special topics will include alternative minimum tax; calculation and reporting of gains and losses; net operating losses; tax credits; the tax calculation; and estimated tax payments, penalties, and extensions.

Enrollment is done via: