Good luck to all students interviewing for SLPs this week!

Many of your are interviewing with the Big 4 this week for summer leadership positions.  Here are just a couple tips for you:

  • Look professional!  Be sure to wear a full suit and make sure that it fits.
  • Be polite!  These firm professionals are taking the time out of their day to interview you.  Be sure to thank them for their time.
  • Research each firm and be sure to tell them why you are interested in them.
  • Act professional!  In some cases you may be interviewing with partners of a firm.  You should not address anyone by their first name unless you have an established relationship with them.  You will never be marked down for being too polite or too professional.
  • Ask good questions!  Look at each job description and come up with one or two good questions to ask.

Good luck!