First Winter SBP Course – STARTS THURSDAY

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enroll in  a finance SBP course.

x430.82 – Industry Studies: Finance – The Basics of Investing: Learn the Warren Buffet Way

Instructor: Todd Lowenstein

This class discusses Warren Buffett’s patient, contrarian, and long term successful approach to investing. Important concepts to be covered will include explaining a company’s underlying intrinsic value, barriers to entry and economic moats, compounding machines, margin of safety, risk adjusted returns, staying within your circle of competence, the investor psychology cycle, avoiding common investment traps, why the balance sheet and cash flow statements are more important than the income statement, characteristics of an attractive industry – Michael Porter’s five forces framework, finding hidden assets, the importance of developing variant views from the consensus, why risk is permanent impairment not volatility, the importance of an investment thesis and checklist, and creating an awareness of the pitfalls of behavioral finance to minimize your own mistakes and capitalize on others’ mistakes.

Class meetings: Thursdays: January 9,16, and 23 5:00—8:00pm