FDIC – Financial Management Scholars Program (Paid Summer Internship)

fdic-logo (1)Looking for an amazing summer internship opportunity?

The Financial Management Scholars Program (FMSP) announcement is now open (December 9 – 13, 2013) to the public.  Please make this information available to students (mostly juniors) who qualify for the program.  The attached fact sheet provides information relative to the program; qualification requirements, how to apply instructions, and other pertinent guidance. Please advise students to apply as soon as possible and closely follow the instructions to ensure they have enough time to gather and submit required documentation.

The deadline for the second session (6/16-9/5/2014) will be 1/30/2014.  However, you will see that the announcement will be off-line after 12/13/2013.  The announcement for the second session will open to the public again on Jan 26, 2014  and will close on Thu, Jan 30, 2014.  With the quarter system, it is best to apply for the second session.  You should, however, look at the requirements, so you can begin to gather all of your documents.