Recruiting Survey

Each year, firms that recruit with our campus ask our students to participate in a survey.  This survey (done via Universum) allows firms to see if our students recognize their brands and their perception of the brand.  Taking part in the survey will assist in making UCSB a more marketable institution to future employers.

For more information and to participate in the survey, please read the following:


I wanted to share with you a link to an employer-perception survey that some of the companies who recruit on our campus have asked us to participate in. Universum works with over 1,200 clients globally to help them recruit students out of school and shape their employer brands.

We have been specifically asked by clients who recruit students at University of California- Santa Barbara within our department to participate.

Your participation in this survey can help affect how University of California- Santa Barbara students are recruited by companies in the future and could serve to increase the visibility and marketability of University of California- Santa Barbara students to potential employers. For your time you will receive a detailed career personality profile along with some free WetFeet career guides and other incentives.

Click Here to participate:

Christopher Campellone
Senior University Relations Manager

UNIVERSUM – Building Brands to Capture Talent