PwC Explore Program – freshmen students!

On Saturday, March 23, 2013, the PwC Los Angeles Office will host Explore, a program targeted at freshman who are pre-accounting or non-accounting majors.  Explore is an interactive one day program that will educate students about the opportunities in accounting while engaging them in interactive sessions and networking with successful and enthusiastic PwC professionals!  

If you have freshmen students who are interested in learning more about Explore or PwC, please encourage them to “explore” this outstanding opportunity.  For more information, check out the flyer.  

How to Register for Explore:
1. Visit and click “register now”
2. Select program name “eXplore Program”, school name “All”, conference name “All”
Note: Makes sure to select “ALL” for school name and conference name otherwise the eXplore program list will not appear
3. Select “Socal Phoenix eXplore 2013” posting and click “Register for program”
4. Login/create a Gateway Questionnaire by March 7th


If you have any question, please contact Ashlei Peckels at :