Internship Opportunities!!

I need a couple of interns again for the upcoming tax season.  If anyone interested can contact me before the break after finals, I’d love it because of the lag time needed to get a PTIN for each of them (no testing involved, just the application).  They aren’t allowed to touch real client work until they have a PTIN which means no real experience until the number is in place.
I need someone who thinks well and is at least acquainted with a tax return.  Having taken audit and/or tax is a real plus.
[Basically my criteria are completely unchanged fro what Bob had on his website.]
Yes, it’s still a paid internship.  If they want real experience, it has to be under CA law.
Just in case someone just wants money and not a real internship, I’m also looking for someone to do clerical work and assembly.
Thank you both!
Barbara J Aue, CPA
6156 Barrington Drive
Goleta, CA  93117
Phone: 805-692-9364
Fax: 805-692-9564