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Are you a junior looking for a great four unit elective?

Econ 191JS -Recent Trends in the U.S. Labor Market

Instructor:  Jon Sonstelie

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 1:00 to 1:50 p.m ( 4 units).

Prerequisites:  Economics 100B (or 104A) and 101(140a recommended)

Econ 191 JS is a seminar on current trends in the U.S. labor market.  Topics include the recent recession, the increase in wage inequality, the effect of technological innovations on wages, the college wage premium, and the economic advances of women in the American labor market.  Students will read recent research on these topics and discuss that research during class meeting.  Each student will also interview three UCSB graduates and write a paper describing the careers of these graduates and the impact of economic events on those careers.  Six UCSB graduates will be invited to address the class on their perspectives on the U.S. labor market.  Course grades will be determined by participation, a midterm exam, a final exam, and the course paper.

The course will be limited to 30 students.  Students wishing to enroll must submit an application to the Career Connection in order to receive an add code.  Application forms are available in Career Connection.  Students will be selected according to academic achievement and class status.  Third year students are preferred.

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